Veteran Memories Society


A Nonprofit Dedicated to Mapping Cemeteries


Veteran Memories Society is a nonprofit dedicated to digitally mapping the Veterans of local cemeteries. We also aim to educate and encourage those in other communities in how to create a digital map, connect with their local historical societies, American Legion Posts, schools, and Veterans. By creating digital maps of cemeteries, people can preserve, honor, record, and learn about the the service that so many Veterans in their communities have contributed to our country.


Norwich Troop 253 Scouts meet with Veterans to record information for Hillside Cemetery, VT.
Screenshot of a digital map created for Hillside Cemetery in Norwich, VT

Hillside Cemetery, Norwich , VT:

The digital map can be accessed at


  • Names in Stone software was used. This is free on-line software that allows one to search for cemeteries, create a layer of digital markers that overlays a satellite overview image of that area and input data on each digital marker.
  • Conducted research using on-line databases, town records, and interviews with Veterans.
  • On-line databases used to find more info on Veterans: (libraries often offer free access),,,, National Archives (


Help spread the word and get mapping! Visit your local cemeteries, check Names in Stone for mapping status. Get in touch with your local historical society to post your map link for greater community access and awareness. Get in touch with American Legion Posts and let them know your plan as they are a great resource for information and may use your map to keep their Veteran information current. It’s a great tool to aid in placing annual flags for Veteran graves. Let us know about your map and we’ll post it here!

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