Creators of the Map

James Eiler

James Eiler is a Boy Scout in the Norwich 253 Boy Scout Troop. Since he was a Cub Scout, he marched in the annual Memorial day Parade. The procession would stop at a local cemetery and lay a wreath to pay respects to the deceased veterans located there. This instilled in him an interest in these veterans and a desire to preserve their memory. The map pf the Hillside Cemetery was created as part of his Eagle Scout Project. He led the team which did the research and work that went into creating the map and its accompanying features.

The Scouts of Troop 253

The scouts of Norwich Troop 253 were vital to the creation of this map. Scouts took pictures of headstones, gathered information on veterans, and placed headstones in the map.

Adult Volunteers

Adults, including those from Troop 253 and the American Legion, helped created the map and gather information.

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